RWS 100 Homework 9.6.18

Review of Kristof’s “Do We Have The Courage?”:

In the op-ed titled “Do We Have The Courage?”,  Kristof utilizes the strategy of rebuttals in order to strengthen his argument and to persuade the audience to see his side of the issue of gun control in America. The topic of gun control is hotly debated, especially in the past 6 years, with the Sandy Hook school shooting leaving 27 teachers and children dead, it is unlikely you will meet a person that has yet to form some sort of opinion on the issue. Kristof uses the strategy of rebuttals due to the fact that he is aware that so many people have already formed opinions on the subject, and it adds to his credibility and knowledge that he is willing to look at the issue from another stance, as he is hoping some of the members of his audience that may be opposed to gun control would be willing to do while reading his article.

Review of Rifkin’s “A Change of Heart About Animals“:

In Rifkin’s “A Change of Heart About Animals”, he addresses a very new and controversial topic in todays scientific community; the idea that animals experience many of the same emotions such as happiness, sadness, and fear as us humans. Rifkin uses rebuttal strategies such as the strategic concession in order to make it clear to the audience that he is open to the benefits of the other side as well, but he manages to acknowledge the other side while still promoting his side of the argument. He brings up a study done that proves that when pigs are isolated, they are lonely and it is detrimental to their health (Rifkin.) and that in Germany, they have made laws in order to prevent this from happening. The author looks at both sides of the argument regarding animals emotional well being and weather or not laws should be passed in order to ensure their emotional safety, and through the strategy of rebuttal, he not only acknowledges the other side, but he uses this to strengthen his own argument, and create a sound opinion on the issue for the audience to reflect on.

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