RWS h.w. 9.19.18

Emily Richards

RWS 100

Professor Werry

September 19 2018       

   “Public Thinking” Analysis Essay


Some say that the advancement of technology has led to people becoming more lazy and ineffective in their writing, while others say that technology has only aided in the advancement and complexity of the writing people put out online for the world to see. In the piece titled “Public Thinking” by Clive Thompson, the author argues that not only have writers in this generation improved their writing, but the technological revolution in the last 20 years has led not only to writers holding themselves to a higher standard, but they are writing more in quantity due to the fact that they are aware their work is being read by a larger audience. Thompson is correct in his claims that technology has helped individuals improve their writing, not only with an increase in the quantity that is being put out into the world, but also with the complexity and skill with which they are writing.

Many argue that with the technological revolution “generation z” is growing up in has made them lazy, unproductive, and unwilling to produce works of writing of high quality and effort, claiming the technology has enabled them to get away with cutting corners on their own writing, and will make them ill-prepared for their future in the “real world.” According to a study done at Stanford University by English Professor Andrea Lunsford, the professor “tracked down studies of how often first-year college students made grammatical errors in freshman composition essays, going back nearly a century. She found that their error rate has barely risen at all. More astonishingly, today’s freshman-comp essays are over six times longer than they were back then, and also generally more complex”. (Thompson 66). This study, done at arguably the most prestigious universities in the nation, disproves the claim many make that the advancements made in technology have made students lazier and less likely to produce quality work, when in fact in recent years students, as well as other members of “generation Z” have increased the standard to which they hold not only themselves, but their writing as well.



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